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(7/28/03) - Tree and Paul, Government, Boundaries, and Cixelsyd added in the Poetry section.
(P.S. - Go and see Pirates of the Caribeean.)

(6/24/03) - Added 2 new poems. enjoy.

(6/12/03) I have some official (close enough dates) to when I wrote my lyrics/poems

EYE FOR AN EYE AND VOICES - December 4, 2002
DEMONS - November 2?, 2002
PAINS ENDING - May 20, 2003
THE MATRIX - May 31, 2003


- (6/11/03) Grrr... i am pissed...MY website is being a F***ing a**hole that sucks c**k... It won't show COMAS (,) on any of the lyric pages! Only this it isnt that I have no grammer skills, it's just that it won't let me...and on the top of the suicidal critter lyrics it says "Coolest GAMES ever" or some sh*t like that.. I can't get rid of it!! Anyways, now that thats been said, I've added 2 poems (I just made these, I am still looking for my others) QUESTION MARKS and DIRECTIONS . I also added a new song called "Suicide Critter" .... It would be called Voices 2...but thats just a lame a** name isn't it! ISN'T IT!!!! :P ... Hmm... what elese.. oh yeah I am going to make this site a .com site and actually pay for it... that .8k is very annoying.. here are my 2 design options tell me which one you like better (or make your own idea)..If you do make your own idea, and I choose to use it, You'll get credit for it and I'll send you a copy of the new Metallica CD "St.Anger"


- I added Pains Ending (May 20th 2003) and The MATRIX (May 31st 2003)...
- Come back to my site around June 10th and I should have some POEMS up...Right now I only have Lyrics up.
- If you are looking for some good poetry while you wait for mine get a book called "Cool Gardens", It's 8 years worth of poems by the lead singer of System of a Down and SERART (Serj Tankian).
- Two of my songs are being MUSIC-FIED! (w00t w00t!)..Yep that's right "Eye for an Eye" and "THE MATRIX" are going to have tunes to them now! Thanks to a band in Atlanta Georgia (they have no name at the time)

WARNING: This site contains bad words such as F***, S***, and maybe a few other (I'm to lazy to check)..So if you are young enough that you don't know what letters go in place of those "***" up top then I wouldn't read my lyrics :)... Oh and one more thing... I am NOT a crazy, (well maybe).. But I am not heart-broken, angry at the world, suicidal, or anything like that... My lyrics have nothing to do with my feelings about the world/people. So don't complain to me and e-mail me letters saying "Your so angry...It's okay to let it out I'm here for you" ..because if you do e-mail me one of those I'LL GO TO YOUR HOME AND KILL YOU!!! ;) ...[sarcasm]Wow you didn't see that joke coming from a mile away...[/sarcasm]...So anyways like I said, I'm not a suicidal gay mobster writing songs to relive my pain from the world or something.. it's just for fun..

OH yeah I almost forgot to beg all of you for money... Let me explain, A friend of mine and I do comedy.. WE do Stand Up Comedy, Comedy Skits, Comedic Sound Effects, Prank Calls, adn stuff like that. And to record for ONE HOUR in a professional recording studio is 85 dollarrs , and to make 100 CD's is 350 dollars, so we are estimating that we will need about 2000 dollars to do this.. Right now I have 2 dollars... I had like 50 but I bought Weird Al's New CD and The Animatrix with my TIP money from my job...and I gave 20 bucks to a friend (birthday) but now I can start saving up, because ther is nothing else I want to bu...oh look at that[wanders off]..Anyways If you can help in anyway e-mail us at We (By we I mean like 50 people) are also making a remake of the film Monty Python and The Holy Grail.. But we don't need any money for that.. I think we can scrap together money for a crappy film...but we can't scrap up ,000 for a CD :)... Well I am off [w000sh]

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